Motivation and Fitness!


When it comes to getting in shape, or simply getting healthier overall, it can be an arduous journey. After all, we get out of shape and unhealthy because of habits, not singular mistakes. So, the biggest problem for many of us when it comes to our health is motivation. That’s the key, that’s what it takes to break our bad habits. If you’re having trouble staying motivated to lose weight, gain muscle, or anything in between, here are some tips.

First and foremost, making a game of your fitness journey is a great way to motivate yourself. For example, some video games promote physical fitness. A prominent example is Nintendo games of the last couple generations of video games. Their use of motion controls has enabled the popular Wii Fit, a series of challenges and fitness tracking all in one, as well as other games that tangentially incentivise fitness, like Wii Sports. One of their newest releases simulates boxing with motion controls. All of these can get your blood pumping and the pounds shedding, and you can find them all at GameStop. Activity trackers like the Fitbit and many apps are another way to turn your fitness quest into a game.

Another way to motivate yourself is in the form of visualizing your future. What I mean is that you can buy an outfit a couple sizes too small (or too big, depending on your needs) to remind yourself daily of what you’re trying to achieve and how close you are. This makes the future more real, in a sense, and will help you stay focused on goals that aren’t immediately achievable.

With these tips in mind, you should have a little easier of a time staying focused and motivated.

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