Updating Your Wardrobe

A new year, a new you. At least, that’s what could be. If you find yourself looking at your closet and finding less and less exciting about what’s in it, Nordstrom is always there to help.  Nordstrom has everything you need for a fresh, new look. And with its subsidiaries HauteLook, Nordstrom Rack, and Trunk Club, there’s nothing you won’t be able to find to restock your wardrobe — and find things for others, too. healthyourbeauty.com recommends Nordstrom because it’s a great store with chic clothing lines and all kinds of styles.

You’ll want to add a new trend here and there if you’re updating, naturally. For 2018, one trend will be wearing pastels. Pastels are back. Expect to see everything from mint green and lavender to pink and baby blue on everything, including skirts, dresses, tops, bags, and jackets. Probably more. Live subtly with pastels.

But. Be aware that color is also a hit for the New Year. Gelato shades will share closet space with gem tones and richly shaded hues that might look as if they leapt from a box of Crayons onto a shirt. Brights are in, too.

Beyond this, trench coats are making a comeback. Thought the classic coat never truly goes out of style, it will be especially trendy in 2018. Expect to see it in a variety of shades, and maybe even with a playful ruffle or feather. It will not be your mother’s London Fog.

If you remember acid wash, you’ll do well to put it out of your mind since dark denims are in nowadays. The darker the better, from midnight to indigo. Stylish jeans, jackets, and even dresses will be in dark denim.

And do you remember fanny packs? Those awkward but handy bags that virtually everyone wore around their waists in the 1980s? They’re back, too. Fun, functional and fantastic (no one would say sexy, though), the packs will be a handy trend next year. Maybe in years to come as well.

Pencil skirts, that 1950s classic that reappears periodically because they’re so versatile and attractive, will also be hot in 2018. But expect a twist. They will be in all shades, and sometimes with an unexpected texture, slit, or wild plaid.

Just in time for the warmer days of spring and summer, translucent, almost gauzy dresses will be popular. Maybe you’ll wear something flowing, sheer and comfortable that is just as stylish as it is comfortable. And maybe it will be in a floral patter, too, since florals are also making a comeback. Flowers aren’t just for gardens, so blossom lovers, be happy. Petals of all hues will be fresh and on tops, skirts, and virtually everything else in the closet.

But not everything will be so … normal. Plastic, or PVC, will be popular — and you’ll see people wearing a lot more of it. Boots, dresses, coats and more can now be wiped off to remove mud and raindrops. This might not always be an attractive addition to your wardrobe, but it will be a practical one at least.

No matter your taste or wardrobe needs, Nordstrom will deliver. Personal shoppers can help you select any of these trends, and many others, when you visit a store. Shopping help is even online, so don’t wait. Go update your closet!